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"My pilates knowledge has deepened since I start private sessions with Kris, one of the founders of Pilates BodyTree. Having participated in group classes for more than decade, I thought I had a good understanding of what pilates is all about. Sessions with Kris helped debunk myths I had about my body and led to paradigm shifts in how I thought about movement.


Her vast knowledge and guidance has helped me move better, grow stronger and push myself harder. She is an excellent teacher and flexes her style and communication to help me understand the intention of each piece. She is a mentor, a motivator and a true pilates guru. I'd highly recommend private sessions, I just wish I had started earlier!"

- Emily

"I always believe in learning from the best. I have been doing private sessions with Kris, co-founder of Pilates BodyTree for 6 years and counting. I am a runner and doing Pilates helps to address the muscle imbalances in my body. Kris is a very knowledgeable movement specialist who always amazes me with how she could resolve the niggles in my body with her bag of 'tricks' at every session.


Every personal training session is unique. I always move better, feel stronger and younger after every session. I have done group classes with different trainers and completed a Matwork Pilates Certification with BodyTree Academy. The quality of teaching and the professionalism of every teacher I have met is consistent. They are attentive and every piece of movement is being introduced with intention. Pilates is the key to mobility for all ages and always, always learn from the best!"


- Linda

Thoroughly enjoyed the Spine Corrector workshop not just as a teacher and instructor, but also from a movement practitioner perspective. Kris broke down each move with intent and clarity, and pushed us to think, rather than just give us the textbook answers. 


Kris has so much wisdom to impart to teachers/individuals/therapists of all levels. A great mentor. She inspired me on creating more awareness around ways to move my spine using the Spine Corrector once more. Thank you!" 


- Anonymous

"The Spine Corrector course was very well taught by Kris. Kris is highly knowledgable and presents with clarity. The course is extremely helpful in my practice as a physiotherapist."

- Anonymous

"BodyTree Academy has provided me with new insights on how the Spine Corrector works with different body types and anatomies.


Kris is excellent in delivering knowledge beyond the materials in the book.


Highly interactive and engaging course. I enjoyed my 2 days of workshop with BodyTree Academy and Kris. Thank you!


- Anonymous

"Pilates has totally changed my life. I had joined Pilates to treat my thoracic outlet syndrome and sciatica. I can feel a huge improvement and that nagging pain seems to have disappeared. I’m not in constant pain any more and I can’t thank Kris enough to make this possible. I can notice a lot of improvement in my movements as well.


I would recommend Kris to anyone who is looking for a holistic approach in their wellness journey. She has been a very supportive and patient instructor."

- Micky

"Slow and steady. These movements don't seem like much but since recovering from nasopharyngeal cancer 3 years ago, I've found even doing the simplest of movements difficult. The sudden drop in weight and loss of muscle mass wrecked havoc on my joints and I couldn't walk up stairs or do simple daily tasks without loud cracking in my knees and feeling pain. I had grade 4 knee degeneration and I was advised to do expensive surgery and treatment to restore it. I couldn't fathom putting my body through surgery, so I decided to start doing Pilates.


It's been 1.5 years of almost consistent weekly private classes with Kris Ng from Pilates BodyTree and whilst this doesn't look like much, there was a moment in my Roll Ups that day that made me smile. A slow and joyful realisation that I COULD roll up and I COULD actually feel my muscles. And I FELT strong!


It might have been faster to have done the surgery or come up to the same 'price' in the end, but the development of this new relationship to my body is absolutely priceless.


I've learnt so much from Kris, who consistently adapts and changes her exercises to how my body is moving and patiently and intuitively instructs at the level of my understanding that speaks to the depth and breath of her experience as a teacher.  


I never used to have patience for these 'slow' classes but these days, it fascinates me and challenges me infinitely. I love how simple yet effective going back to the basics is. That when executed with mindful connection, combined with breath and practiced over time, our body adapts, heals and restores itself. How empowering is that. 

Whatever you might be going through or struggling with now, I encourage you to invest in yourself. I became strong enough to join group pilates classes and even dynamic yoga flow classes which used to always results in injury for me. 

There is still a long way to go, but I'm proud of myself for sticking with it! I've even got my husband and mother in law to join me! Family exercise!

- Petrina

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