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Could The Spine Corrector "Correct" Your Spine?

Spoiler alert: The Spine Corrector is not a miracle machine. Nor would working on it guarantee a spine "correction".

What is a "correct" spine, anyway?

Having said that, the Spine Corrector remains one of my favourite Pilates equipment to practice on, more so than my earlier years. I believe it is because I've given myself time to experiment and experience old lessons with different perspectives. And no less significant, I was ready to shed some deeply ingrained and dogmatic ways of doing things.

Here, I share two things that helped my Spine Corrector practice and teaching.

(1) Practice on the Spine Corrector from a SUPPORTED posture foundation (some call it “core control”)

From my experience teaching and practising on the Spine Corrector myself, it is far too easy to flop onto or over this equipment. While you may be able to get away with feeling “nice” on a few exercises with this approach (and there is a time and place for this too!), your body will likely protest in time to come if you don’t work from a place of integrity. 

"Am I?", you may ask. Pain (eg in the lower back; neck) is usually an indication that you haven't established support or the timing for doing so is off. Perhaps you did, but maybe not sufficient for the movement or load the exercise is demanding. If you need guidance on how to do that, seek out a good teacher.

(2) One equipment, many different bodies

For the Spine Corrector course, I teach using the Clara Step Barrel® measuring 17.5”W x 29”L c 13.5”H (44cm x 74cm x 34cm) will be used. No two bodies or persons are the same dimensions, shapes, proportions and sizes etc. You and I also come with our own backstories and beliefs, physically or otherwise.

When I practice and teach from this understanding, I make better decisions on what and how to vary either body placement or the exercise itself to still feel the benefits of what the said exercise calls for. Learn how to do this at the 2-day Spine Corrector course with BodyTree Academy, on 24th & 25th April 2024.

Until then, I'll leave you with this short video.


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